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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine Decor

This little sign came together really quickly- gotta love projects like that! I started with a scrap of 1x4, then painted it white. I cut out vinyl with my Cricut, stuck it on, then painted red over that. When the red paint was almost dry, I peeled the vinyl off with my little Cricut pick tool (you could use anything- a pin, etc.) When it was completely dry, I distresssed it just a bit. That's all there was to it! I love the pop of red that this little sign gives- I think I like it the best in this little easel.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Felt Mice- to hold Candy Canes

The idea for these little mice came from I originally saw it on Pinterest, which took me to "good old Martha". My daughter was looking over my shoulder and requested me to make them for her class. That was my first mistake! My second was thinking I could bust 30 of them out the night before she'd be taking them. They don't take too much time in general, it's just more the cumulative effect. They were a hit, and I saved the pattern in case I want to make some again. I think they're reasonably cute...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dinner choices, in black and white

This is the second sign I've made of the Dinner Choices- I didn't use the beadboard this time. I like the look of both. My friend asked if I could make her one in black and white- and I have to say that I really like the combination. It's a very clean look. I put a metal sawtooth hanger on the back, so she could hang it on her wall or place it in an easel. Depending on if I were making it for someone, I'd use a ribbon hanger instead, and drill holes for them. She has now asked me to make her one of the "Chocolate Understands" signs... and I'm more than willing. They're easy enough to do. And chocolate does understand, doesn't it?...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Thankful" Wall Art

Soooo... yeah... again, I saw this saying on Pinterest, and knew I had to do something with it. I ended up settling on an oversized sheet of compressed wood stuff- what do you call that stuff? MDF? maybe? Anyhow, I had it, and I thought, I could make this work. I actually (because I don't usually) measured off even lines- just making slight hash marks, so I could have the lettering not off kilter. I usually eyeball it, and it takes a lot more time. I still had to work on centering, but if you at least don't have to factor in the up and down part of it, it makes it a lot easier.
I have been enjoying using the technique of the paint on the bottom, vinyl, then painting over the vinyl and pulling it off before the paint completely dries. It is really fun, yes, sigh... I'm a craft nerd! I just touched up a few of the letters a bit, and then distressed it. All it took was adding a wire hanger, and I was done. Surprisingly, for the size, it was a really quick project! I love this saying, because I really, strongly, believe in being thankful. It is something I hope to get through to my children.

Chocolate Understands wall hanging

Soooo, I've been on Pinterest a lot, and I came across this saying. It immediately amused me, and I thought, "I gotta make that!" So, I did! This sign is about 5 3/4 x 5 3/4 inches. I painted a base color of a vintage white/cream color. After it dried, I stuck on my vinyl that I cut out with my Cricut. For this size sign, I used the 1 1/4 inch size for the "chocolate" and 1 inch for the rest of the words. I used the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge. I then painted over it with a nice chocolate color (how appropriate!) Before it dried completely, I used a little pick tool to grab at the vinyl and pull it off. It only needed a few touch ups. After it dried completely, I distressed it a bit and added a sealer coat and a hanger. A friend of mine claimed dibs on the first one I made, and I'll be making another for our MOPS auction. Again, I have to plug MOPS : If you'd like more information about it (Mothers of Pre Schoolers), here's a link :
Ahhh... yes... Chocolate does understand, doesn't it... ? :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ho Ho Ho Wood blocks

Oh, how I love wood blocks! These were just 4" blocks cut from a 2 x 4 piece of wood. Painted and crackled- and ho, ho, ho added. The bummer: I just made them. After Christmas. And my decorations are put away. Bummer. They get to go in the box of decorations that I'm adding to- either by finding randomly around the house, or making. It's never too late or too early to make decorations, is it? I hope not. It's almost more relaxing now when there isn't the pressure of everything else to do. Have I mentioned how much I love blocks already? (Just kidding :) ).

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Decorative plates with Vinyl

I'm on a kick again- this time, with my wall plates. Since I attached my plate hanger to the wall, I now have to fill it. I couldn't keep my "peace" and "joy" plates up from Christmas- since they were all red and Christmassy... bummer. I used plates found at the Dollar Store, and my handy dandy Cricut vinyl to cut out some new words. "Faith" and "Family" are 2 very important words to me, so it works well. I may find some more plates and change them out with the seasons with different words that work. For Valentine's Day, you could use red plates with white vinyl, or white plates with red vinyl with all those Valentiney words like love, kisses, hugs, be mine, etc. Lots of options, definitely. I'm happy with this- such an easy way to change things out inexpensively and creatively.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beadboard sign- Dinner Choices

I think I'm falling for beadboard. The problem is that it's hard to find it in smaller usable quanties for crafts. There are ways around this, though. I used a scrap of beadboard that I'd had cut down- after patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for some beadboard to end up in the culled bin at Home Depot, I finally found some- and they will cut it to the size you want. It was just a couple of inches wider than my miter saw could accomodate, so I needed them to cut it for me. Anyhow, back to the sign. I painted the base coat a cream color, let it it dry, and then placed vinyl letters on it. I painted a nice dark chocolate brown over that, and before it dried totally, I used my little Cricut hook tool to peel the letters off. I love this technique- it's kind of fun. After everything was dry, I used some sand paper to rough up the edges and distress the sign just a bit- I tend to not go too wild with the distressing. I tend to be a minimalist with it. I'm debating whether to have this sign sitting in the easel, or whether to add a ribbon hanger. I'm not quite sure yet. I think I'll donate this to our MOPS auction this spring. I hope it will find a taker.

Closet fresheners

Soooo.... it's after Christmas now, and I really didn't want to have to put my scented pine cones away. I used some for a garland for my mantle, using this idea : .... and then I thought, hey, I have a few left over. (Oh, by the way, I used my drill to drill a small hole matching the size of the eye screws I was using- made it so easy to get those screws in the pine cones- genius (and not mine) I tell you!
I decided to use the left over cinnamon pine cones to freshen up my closets- the clothes end up smelling musty and funky when they're not worn every day. I just took some ribbon and hung them up. I figure that as long as they don't touch the clothing, but are close enough to make it smell better, we'll be fine. I love easy things like this!