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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beaded Glass Taper Holders

These taper holders ended up being pretty simple to put together. I used a piece of stem wire- 18 gauge (pack of 20 at Jo-Ann's was about $2), wrapped it around the taper holder, and used needle nose pliers to curl the ends up a bit. I then used thin wire to add the beads to the stem wire. These particular flower beads I found at Jo-Ann's also for about $4 for a pack that had 192 in it- this included those pretty green leaves too. They had several colors. I used a seed bead threaded onto a loop of wire to hold the flower bead on to the wire (also made a pretty center for the flower too. :) This will be our MOPS craft tomorrow, hopefully the ladies will like it. I hope you found some ideas to play with for yourself.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Votive holders with Cricut- cut vinyl words

These little votive holders were so much fun to decorate and so fast! A friend of mine who borrowed my Cricut to see if she'd like it well enough to get one for herself- (she did :) ) came over this morning to show me how to cut vinyl with it and I am hooked. We used the Home Decor/Design cartridge and cut out the "live love laugh" at 2 inches, and the little flourishy/vine feature too (in white)- I think that may have been at 1 1/4 inches. Then all I had to do was stick them to the glass votive holders. The votive holders were bought from Ikea- 4 to a package for under 2 dollars. I can't wait to play some more with it! These holders will go to our MOPS auction in March- nice to have something cute and inexpensive already done for that.