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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"friends" layout

Here is my latest layout which was 'lifted' from another layout that I really thought was neat, so I did my best to replicate it. I used a transparency over the pictures, stitched and inked over the pictures, and inked around other elements of the layout. I would have used my distresser but I hadn't brought it with me when I started this at my in-laws, and I figured it looked alright with just the inking instead. I used some acrylic letters that I'd had for a while, and added a few stitches around them to add interest too. The papers were from a paper pack from Michael's with a distressed/shabby chic theme. Lots of fun, and I'm giving this to my best buddy for a gift. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"good sport" layout

This was a layout I did using a sketch- which took a lot of thinking work out of it. I like the clean look of it. I distressed the striped paper, picture mat, and the journaling strips. I just used some embroidery floss to add a bit more interest to the title and the journaling strips. I used the bubbles embossing folder from the Cuttlebug to add more texture to the letters. My original intention for the title was to use chipboard letters, but I didn't have enough, so I traced around the chipboard letters onto cardstock, then cut them out and embossed them. It was one of those pleasant surprises with how much I liked the letters in the end, despite having to compromise.

Monday, January 18, 2010

"Family" wooden decoration- Dollar Tree find

I found this 'Family' plaque at Dollar Tree- unpainted, and I used good old acrylic paint- the kind you get in a bottle for under a dollar. I painted it a sage green then used crackling medium and a cream colored paint over that. I think the brand for the crackling medium was DecoArt- it's inexpensive, and I found it with the sealers and such in the paints area of the craft store. I have to say that before I tried crackling medium, I was a bit unsure of how to use it. So, after much procrastination, I took a deep breath, read the directions on the bottle, and found out it's pretty basic. You get a couple of contrasting colors of paint- the darker one usually looks best underneath, the lighter one crackles and shows streaks of the darker. Paint your project with the darker color then let dry completely. Brush your crackling medium on. The trick is to not let it dry completely, so you have to keep checking on it, until it feels tacky. You then carefully brush your lighter coat of paint in the same direction as the brush strokes you used for the crackling medium. It begins to crackle with a couple of minutes. After it is completely dry, you can add a clear coat of sealer if you'd like- I don't generally, but it depends on how much touching it's going to get. Then I just used ribbon and buttons to decorate it. I'm giving it to my best buddy, and since I bought 2 of them, I need to work on one for myself too. Maybe this will give you a new outlook towards Dollar Tree craft items. I'm glad I gave it a chance.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Envelope Mini Album

This is a mini album made out of mainly envelopes- and with a template you can choose the paper that you want them to be by using thick double sided printed cardstock. My best buddy showed me how to make it, and I think I'll definitely make it again. It packs a lot of pictures in there for your mini album effort. It took me a long time to warm up to the idea of an album made out of envelopes, but I've determined after this that I like it- at least this style. You can also slip extra photos in the envelopes- big bonus there! This is just a hodge podge of pictures from over the year that I will be giving to my mom who lives in England. I distressed around the mats of all the pictures (except the ones I ran out of cardstock for and then distressed the edges of the pictures and inked them). I used a lot of random rub-ons, there's no rhyme or reason- which for me can be difficult because I like order and continuity in general when I make something. But since this is such a casual album, it didn't bother me too much to do pretty much whatever on this- it was rather freeing I have to admit. :) I wanted to get it done and not overthink it- which I'm incredibly guilty of doing. My best buddy used her Zutter binding tool to make the binding, but it could be easily done with book rings- in fact when my buddy showed me how, she had an example in which she used book rings instead of the Zutter binding, and it was equally cute. So if I make another one (which I will) I will be using book rings instead. I dont' have room to show all the pictures of the album, so I picked a few to post.

Friday, January 15, 2010

More Cards using the Cuttlebug

So I tried my hand again at cards, using the Cuttlebug to emboss. I cannot heap enough oohs and aahs on how much I like the way embossing looks and how easy the Cuttlebug makes it. I used acrylic stamps from the Dollar Section of Craft Warehouse, and just alternated the colors back and forth. I added ribbon where the embossing ended and the stamping. I used my corner rounder punch to make scallops, which I like the look of on a card. Very basic cards, but I'm pleased enough with them that I'll group some together for a small gift. Again, I was inspired by Maria's cards- (the Maria I referred to in my last post about my card making efforts). Thanks again Maria! :)