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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Envelope Mini Album

This is a mini album made out of mainly envelopes- and with a template you can choose the paper that you want them to be by using thick double sided printed cardstock. My best buddy showed me how to make it, and I think I'll definitely make it again. It packs a lot of pictures in there for your mini album effort. It took me a long time to warm up to the idea of an album made out of envelopes, but I've determined after this that I like it- at least this style. You can also slip extra photos in the envelopes- big bonus there! This is just a hodge podge of pictures from over the year that I will be giving to my mom who lives in England. I distressed around the mats of all the pictures (except the ones I ran out of cardstock for and then distressed the edges of the pictures and inked them). I used a lot of random rub-ons, there's no rhyme or reason- which for me can be difficult because I like order and continuity in general when I make something. But since this is such a casual album, it didn't bother me too much to do pretty much whatever on this- it was rather freeing I have to admit. :) I wanted to get it done and not overthink it- which I'm incredibly guilty of doing. My best buddy used her Zutter binding tool to make the binding, but it could be easily done with book rings- in fact when my buddy showed me how, she had an example in which she used book rings instead of the Zutter binding, and it was equally cute. So if I make another one (which I will) I will be using book rings instead. I dont' have room to show all the pictures of the album, so I picked a few to post.


  1. I love your mini album...I think with all the magazine inspiration out there, that it is very easy to over think our projects. I do it all the time!

  2. Thank you! There is a surprising feeling of freedom when you don't put all the pressure on yourself to be "picture perfect" (pardon the pun) :)