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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Best things in life aren't things photo holder

I finally finished this project inspired by one found on Pinterest. Here's the link to the original source and directions : . I want to give credit where it is due. I loved this idea- and it can be tailored to how many pictures you want to display (children, grandchildren, etc.) I painted and crackled my wood, then painted and distressed some mini clothespins- I thought it might be a bit much to crackle them also- but, on their own, they'd be pretty cute that way :) I pretty much copied the tutorial other than that- I think the look of the ribbon on the clothespins adds a pretty touch. Anyhow, one more thing from Pinterest accomplished! This is going into our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers- ) auction next month.

Friday, February 17, 2012

God is our refuge

This is one of my latest creations using the Cricut vinyl as stencils- by painting the base color white, applying my vinyl lettering, then painting over it and removing the vinyl to reveal the white underneath. I almost feel like it's cheating! It's a very fun process- (if you're a craft nerd like me ;) ) I have a friend who is going through some health issues, and she has found great comfort and encouragement in this Scripture verse. I wanted to make something for her that would be an encouragement and comfort- enter the wall hanging. I don't think she's anticipating it being this size, but my 9" x 9" square signs didn't seem big enough. I had fun using a bigger piece of wood, and using it vertically for the sign. I took some liberties to capitalize the first letters of "Refuge, Strength, and Help"- I like how it makes them stand out. They really are the focus of the verse to me. I love creating something that focuses on the character of God. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed creating it for her :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tile Picture Frames

As I was perusing the tile department at Home Depot looking for tiles to make photo coasters for Christmas gifts, I came upon these slightly larger tiles. I thought.. hmmmm.. that would make a perfect photo mat. I'd seen other photo frames done with the pretty travertine tiles, then set on an easel, which was so pretty.. but, those are slightly spendier.. and these were under a dollar, by far...
I treated this as I would a typical scrapbook page, distressing my paper, stitching along the edges, and adding some simple flowers and bling. This was for my mother in law, who took the picture and loved it, so putting it in a frame made perfect sense. You could embellish something of this nature as much or as little as you are inclined. I tend to be more minimalistic (mainly because I can't think of how to decorate it! ugh.... ) These two cuties are sweet enough all on their own, so they really didn't need a lot added to them. :) I made one for my sister in law with a picture of her and her granddaughter sharing a sweet moment for Christmas, too... gotta find the pictures of those. This, I finally just finished.. Superbowl Sunday.. slightly AFTER Christmas... we'll just leave it at that... we won't even go into the photo coasters that were supposed to be part of the gift but are sitting less than half finished in my bedroom. Because I need more pictures for it, yeah, that's it.. Oh well, at least this finally was finished and given. So, don't be afraid to try out something unconventional to display your pictures- I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this came together, and sitting on the easel makes it look that much nicer.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love my Bench

So, there's a story behind this bench. It used to be brown- stained and varnished- and belonged to my in-laws. In fact, when my husband and I were first married, they gave it to us. After moving a few times, I gave it back because of lack of room. I was sad to see it go... Fast forward 17 years, and I had the room, but no bench. Bummer. I noticed that the bench was languishing (do inanimate objects languish? ) on their back porch, in the elements- varnish peeling, wood warping... Sad indeed! It took me a little while to ask them if I could have it. My mother in law was thrilled to give it to me- YAY!! I did a happy dance, yes INDEEDY!
It took a while to sand it down, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do- Paint that Baby!!!
And then my husband makes comments about being stuck in the 70's when everyone painted all the furniture, why didn't I just stain it and varnish it, etc.. etc.... Well, I was a young child in the 70's, so I dont' recall painted everything... I do however have memories of large cabbage rose carpets, and dark yellow cushions, and very large print wallpaper... ooh... then there's those pictures where they put the said young child who still had QUITE chunky legs in a MINI skirt and knee socks... Darling.... NOT.... But I digress....
Okay, back to the point..... I would have considered staining it again if it had not been in such poor condition- you can't unwarp wood, and I felt that since I wanted to paint it and distress it anyway, it was in "good" condition for that. So, off I went, priming it, then painting brown, then painting aqua- my Home Depot find- $7 for a gallon of aqua paint, I was in love! Add a little sandpaper, and now I have a place in my entryway to put all the kids' backpacks ready for school- and no worries of the kitties peeing on them... Ugh... does anybody else's cats do that? Grrr.... Anyhow, I love my bench, and my mother in law is happy that the bench is being used and loved, and not (sigh....) "languishing" out in the weather, unappreciated and unloved.... Well, without the drama, she's glad that it's being used. yeah, that's it. :)