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Friday, February 10, 2012

Tile Picture Frames

As I was perusing the tile department at Home Depot looking for tiles to make photo coasters for Christmas gifts, I came upon these slightly larger tiles. I thought.. hmmmm.. that would make a perfect photo mat. I'd seen other photo frames done with the pretty travertine tiles, then set on an easel, which was so pretty.. but, those are slightly spendier.. and these were under a dollar, by far...
I treated this as I would a typical scrapbook page, distressing my paper, stitching along the edges, and adding some simple flowers and bling. This was for my mother in law, who took the picture and loved it, so putting it in a frame made perfect sense. You could embellish something of this nature as much or as little as you are inclined. I tend to be more minimalistic (mainly because I can't think of how to decorate it! ugh.... ) These two cuties are sweet enough all on their own, so they really didn't need a lot added to them. :) I made one for my sister in law with a picture of her and her granddaughter sharing a sweet moment for Christmas, too... gotta find the pictures of those. This, I finally just finished.. Superbowl Sunday.. slightly AFTER Christmas... we'll just leave it at that... we won't even go into the photo coasters that were supposed to be part of the gift but are sitting less than half finished in my bedroom. Because I need more pictures for it, yeah, that's it.. Oh well, at least this finally was finished and given. So, don't be afraid to try out something unconventional to display your pictures- I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this came together, and sitting on the easel makes it look that much nicer.

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  1. This is another way to make use of a leftover travertine tile with a touch of creativity in mind.