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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cards for the Women's Retreat: Pictures

So here are the cards we came up with for the kits for the Women's Retreat. They're not embellished as much as I'd like, but we were faced with a tight budget and not a lot of time, also not wanting to overwhelm people who may not have made cards before... I hope people will want to them, and hopefully it's mostly self-explanatory so that I don't make something difficult that shouldn't be.


  1. Those are really pretty! I LOVE the one with ladybugs!! My daughters nursery was ladybugs and I've always called her my little ladybug, so I'm always drawn to anything with ladybugs! Thanks for stopping by my blog ( and commenting!

  2. they are all cute, but I LOVE the ladybug one the most, and I think the thank you one is very creative wording. :)

  3. I am loving these cards! So clean and crisp and beautiful! You are truly an inspiration!

  4. Aww, thank you! All of these cards started out with someone else's idea though, I just ran with them, but thank you :) The women at the retreat really seemed to enjoy making them.

  5. so you dropped by my blog! such cute stuff over here. i'm gonna have to take a look around :)

  6. Hi, thanks for your lovely comments on Paula's blog. I'm sure you will understand when I say I don't feel I should give out Paula's address but I am more than happy to post anything on to her. If you'd like to email me at I will give you my details.
    Many thanks,
    A x

  7. Thank you for following! I'll try to make it worth your while! I love those cards you make! If I could stop sewing I would love to try my hand at that.

  8. Hi there - thank you so so much for all the lovely comments you have been leaving on my blog... i don't know how else to get in touch with you to thank you but i sincerely do thank you...

    if you would like to e-mail me, you'll find the addy at the top of my blog page.

    This is my first proper bloghop in over 2 weeks, so I'm sorry its taken time to come over to thank you.

    Take care

    Paula x x x