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Monday, May 17, 2010

Dollar Frame Dress Up

I got these frames when my daughter was a baby, and I wanted to celebrate the "big brother" relationships of my older boys with their baby sister. I found these frames in the wood section of Michael's, for a dollar each. I painted the frame first, then found a color that I liked to coordinate with the base color. I cut strips of clear contact paper to mask it so I could make stripes. I used a little make-up sponge to sponge paint the coordinating color on. When it dried, I took off the contact paper and then touched up the stripes to look clean where there were a few smudges. I used rub-ons for the lettering, then used a clear coat sealer. I think for a dollar each, they are nice, and I like the group of them together. Ooh, these could be cute with polka dots instead of stripes, doncha think? There's so many things you could do with little ol' frames like this..

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  1. aww, they are really cute! Me, not be very crafty(I don't read about it much, nor apply it), am always amazed at any craft you're doing, it's so cool!!!