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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun with a 2 x 4- Fall Wood Blocks

I've been itching to make some Fall blocks for a while now, and finally painted some of my 2x4x4 blocks in Fall-ish colors to make it happen. I sat brainstorming words or phrases that emboddied the Fall feeling to me (took a while...don't you hate it when you know that they're right there but can't think of words when you actually want them?) The first set I painted with a base coat of dark brown, then after it dried, painted a nice dark orangey color - I actually didn't have the right color in my paint stash, so I combined a couple of colors.. who knew that neon orange with a brick red would create this pretty dark pumpkinny color? The second set, I painted with various colors that reminded me of the leaves turning color this time of year. I was able to use supplies that I already have, always a plus! I then sanded away to distress the blocks, for once I'm actually pleased with how it turned out. And I didn't even CRACKLE anything, quite rare.. though they would be pretty crackled instead. As an aside, I used my Cricut (the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge- using a combination of the Tall Ball, Roly Poly, and regular font to change the look up)

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