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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Talk about a quick craft!  If you have a spare picture frame you're not using, and a whole lot of hair clips that need to be organized, then here's a great idea to help you out.  I took an empty frame that I found at a rummage sale (50 cents,can't be beat!! ), sanded it and painted it, then hot glued strips of cute ribbon to the back of the frame.  I started to run out of ribbon on the last one, so I looped it and glued it to make spots for our headbands to fit in.  Both the frame idea and the looping I've seen on blogs and Pinterest, but never seemingly to a specific person....   Please excuse the layout of the pictures- if they're a little bit wonky it's because I haven't figured out the new format of Blogger...   if you have a lot of headbands, you could make a frame devoted to the headbands in addition or instead of the clips.  So go reduce, reuse, recycle! (and ORGANIZE in the process! :)  )

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