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Friday, October 5, 2012

      I finally did it!  Woohoo!  (What I finally DID was add numbers to my bench that I painted almost a year ago. ) I need to include my inspiration for it :  .  As soon as I saw her numbered bench, I knew most certainly that I wanted to make my own. 
       I used the technique I learned of printing my image out from the computer, then rubbing pencil on the back of the image.  Center the image where you want it, and trace around the outside of the image.  You can use a snip of tape on your paper as a hinge- very handy for checking to see how it's transferring, and if you need to go over something again. 
       Once I was done with that, I took some black paint- I used FolkArt brand, and thinned it down a little bit, so it flows evenly without thick brush lines.  I used a fine liner paint brush, definitely a good investment, and it was only a few dollars.  I definitely recommend FolkArt because it is highly pigmented, and still not very pricey all things considered (under $2) . I have learned through the years as I've bought various acrylic paints, that if you pay a little more for FolkArt or Americana, it covers better and you spend less time painting- not as much need for multiple coats with a better pigmented paint.
       After letting it dry, I sanded lightly to distress my numbers (made sense since the bench itself is distressed).  I'm really pleased with the result, yay! :)  Only took almost a year to finish...

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