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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Menu Board (dry eraseable)

I can't remember which blog I got the idea from :( , but the original poster had printed out the days of the week in a typewriter key font and it was in a skinnier frame. They may have even painted the frame... but I digress. I went out and bought a black 12x12 inch frame, and put the rest together with scrapbooking paper and Cricut-cut letters and flourishes. I used paper for the "menu" and flourishes next to it, and vinyl for the days of the week. It's very basic. I even cheated a little and because I wanted ribbon hanging it, I used the hanger at the back of the frame and hung it that way, and used glue dots to stick the ribbon on the back, making it look like it's hung by the ribbon, when it's not. Since I didn't stick anything to the frame on itself, I can change the paper out and redo it in different colors/themes. I want to play around with more frames for a to-do list or something like that. I'm seeing a lot of frames being used in 'blog-land' and it's making me itch to play around with some. All I need now is a dry erase pen, and I can write the meals I plan out for each day (eliminating paper notes all around). I realize some people already just use a dry erase board on their refrigerator or wall, but I like this version too... and I'm glad I got to "play", after the move recently, I needed some craft therapy!


  1. This is really pretty, and I LOVE that it's an "organizing", "scheduling" type's super cute too.

  2. This is a terrific idea. I went through a huge chalkboard phase previously, now I think I'll jump on the dry erase board (It's much cleaner) Great idea.

  3. As usual- you did a fantastic job! I always love the stuff you create! :)

  4. Oh Kate - I LOVE that idea - may have to borrow it as everyone in my house think that four people can have four different things... When I was young - it was "like it or lump it" LOL

    Thanks for popping by to see me... always a pleasure to hear from you...

    Paula x x x