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Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Frosting Spray projects- Toothbrush holders and Q-tip jar

So just to clarify on the Frosting spray- it's the Valspar variety I used on my Mason jars, not the Betty Crocker kind for cupcakes and cookies and such . ( Just clarifying because of the mystified expression on my 8 year old's face when I said the words "frosting spray" and "glass".) Anyhow, I bought these glass containers at the Dollar Store in their craft/candle section, and I used my Cricut to cut out letters for the toothbrush holders and a pretty little design for the Q-tip holder, from vinyl. It is quite handy (but completely unnecessary), if you revisit my post on the Mason jar teacher gifts, you'll see why, and the link to the original poster of this idea- who didn't use a Cricut, or vinyl. I needed two holders for toothbrushes since we now have 2 bathrooms. I still have more plans for the Frosting spray....


  1. This is SO cool. I want to learn how to do awesome!!!! I don't have all the right tools, but obviously when you do, it turns out fantastic. SUPER SUPER cool. :) anything to do with organizing things make me happy! haha

  2. Okay, so here's an updated account of how well these hold up. The spray frosting is great if what you use it on is not anywhere near water. My toothbrush holders were totally messed up by water splashing on it, the frost spray comes right off. I'm wondering if maybe using a spray sealer/varnish over the frosting spray would help, but then that might take away from the "frost" look... hmmm... so my point: I'll still use the frosting spray on votive holders and such, I will just choose etching over the spray for anything that might get splashed by water. Which, will lead me to another post in the future I'm sure- I tried the etching stuff and it's FUN! :) All kinds off possibilities await!