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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wood block photo holders, part 2, Mod Podged paper

This is another variation on my last project that I tried with the wood 1x4x6 and a little dowel to make it an easel. I included the link in my previous post- I can't claim the original idea- the original source was generous enough to share her great idea with all of us and include a tutorial- check it out in my last post! She used her Silhouette to make vinyl stencils and paint to make some super cute photo/note holders..

This time around, I tried Mod Podging (that's a proper term, right? ;) ) paper on the wood, and sanding around the edges- I painted first... Then, tying satin ribbon around them... I think I'm in love with the ribbon! I think I might try inking the blue ones with brown around the edges... I'm not sure if that would be "gilding the lily" so to speak...

Red and cream....

aqua and white...

aqua and cream.. have I mentioned how much I like the satin ribbon? :)

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