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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Decorative plates with Vinyl

I'm on a kick again- this time, with my wall plates. Since I attached my plate hanger to the wall, I now have to fill it. I couldn't keep my "peace" and "joy" plates up from Christmas- since they were all red and Christmassy... bummer. I used plates found at the Dollar Store, and my handy dandy Cricut vinyl to cut out some new words. "Faith" and "Family" are 2 very important words to me, so it works well. I may find some more plates and change them out with the seasons with different words that work. For Valentine's Day, you could use red plates with white vinyl, or white plates with red vinyl with all those Valentiney words like love, kisses, hugs, be mine, etc. Lots of options, definitely. I'm happy with this- such an easy way to change things out inexpensively and creatively.

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