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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Plaything of the day

I'm feeling restless today, and in honor of putting off something that I'm not enthused about doing, I'm altering a cigar box... My buddy Katherine gave me a couple more from her dad, and I feel that I'm accumulating more stuff to alter than I should have. I also have no more room to store this stuff, so I'd better get cracking already! Gosh I should really work on some layouts this week... but right now this stuff is begging for me to do something with. It's a shallow box, so I'm thinking that I'm going to make a mini album to go inside it and make it a combo gift. I'm using a French Grey Blue for the base, and I'll use Crackling Medium on it and then put a cream color on top which will then crackle. I think that will be a pretty combination. I don't have enough dark brown paint right now to cover another cigar box, and I really want to do another pink and brown crackled one... Maybe this will help me relax today and distract me from aggravating things...


  1. i got the white thing like... in nov from the back of an office max hahahaha it's so neat i love it!! i just wish i could alter it a lil... i'm sure i'll be able to in the future.
    and i feel ya about having too much stuff to do... i have a ton of containers i want to alter and i'm just not motavated at all to do it!