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Monday, January 17, 2011

First project using my miter saw

This is my first project using my miter saw that I asked for (and received) for Christmas. Woohoo!!!!! Once I got headphones so the sound wouldn't make me completely weenie out from using it, the task was a lot easier to stand. I cut 8, 7, 6, 5, and 4 inch pieces of wood from a 2 x 4, then set to sanding and painting. I considered crackling, but figured with the patterned paper (and asking my best buddy who also is crafty), decided to go with painting 2 colors on the wood and distressing to show the bottom layer of paint. After that, I just used Mod Podge to glue strips of paper on, and cut names out with my Cricut and vinyl- I borrowed my best friend's Alphalicious cartridge for the font, and added shadow on some. I (literally) wrapped up the project with some wired ribbon. Pretty simple, once I had the means to cut the wood. Speaking of wood, have any of you seen that Geico commercial with the woodchucks? "Hey you dang woodchucks! You quit chucking my wood!!!"... sorry, I really get a kick out of that. Oh, I found the idea for this project from fabulous site!!!

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