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Sunday, January 30, 2011

One of my older projects

I made this wood sign probably 10 years ago, perhaps longer... it's been on my sister's wall for a long time... This was from a time when I wrote on my own handmade signs. If you want to do this, my suggestion would be to perhaps draw a very faint line with a ruler so your writing stays level, and sketching your words in pencil first. Depending on what I had on hand, I used a black Sharpie pen or a black paint pen. My experience with the Sharpie was that when you try to brush sealer over it, it smears the ink. (Quite frustrating if you've gone to the painstaking work of the writing...) I also used clear glitter for a snow effect. You can either sprinkle it on wet paint, or on wet sealer to make it stick. I think I might try this quote using my Cricut machine and vinyl lettering, that could be really cute..

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