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Thursday, March 15, 2012

hair goodies

I've been on a hair flower making kick lately- I have 2 girls and they like hair goodies, and have you priced that stuff in the stores? Exxxpensive! I found tons of tutorials online, and used some of them to make these. The hair clip holder is one I made for our MOPS auction ( - I used a metal hanger from Craft Warehouse for a template and traced around it so I could cut one out of thin MDF board with my jigsaw. I will share the links I used for my flowers- all but the middle spikey one I used tutorials for. The link for the first row of flowers (left to right) is : .
The middle row of flowers are made by cutting an approximately 36" x 1" strip of felt, then cutting slits across the one inch side to about 1/4 inch of the end (if you go too far you'll cut it off). At that point, you use a glue gun and glue and roll the felt strip up, and add a clip on the back. You can fluff it out to make it nicer.
The last row to the right- the very top flower, tutorial :
The bottom two on the last row, tutorial : The only difference is that I used a hot glue gun instead of sewing.

These are just miniature versions of the big ones on the hair clip board, you can refer to the link above- I didn't use the bigger petals with these, I just used the little petals that lined the bigger ones. I thought they were kind of cute that way.
I found the tutorial for these ribbon rosettes here :
These are just a handful of the tutorials I've checked out (and the easiest to me). Happy flower making! (and money saving! )


  1. These are really cute. I've been making flowers a lot lately too. I haven't made any hair clips though...maybe it's time.

  2. Thank you :) They're fun to make- my girls are most definitely enjoying them.