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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fabric and Ribbon Memo Board

Well, my husband will be happy, - not because I made more crafty stuff, but that I made use of a metal framed cork bulletin board that has sat in either our room or our boys' room for years. I took the board and attached some sheet batting (cut to size) with spray adhesive. I measured the board and went searching at Jo-Ann's for some fabric that I'd like. Out of all those choices, I ended up with this brown damask print. It was hard to find something I liked well enough and that would go with any decor color I might use. It took a little bit of time to center the print so that it wasn't lopsided- I'm sure it probably is to a degree, just not to the point that it's bugging me anymore. Note to self: next time get a print that needs no straightening...... I used hot glue to adhere the fabric on the back. ( Note the picture of my cat who immediately claimed the board for herself as soon as I finished covering it....) To figure out how to arrange the ribbon, (after attempting it briefly myself), I searched out French Memo Ribbon Boards on Google and used some examples for reference. I used hot glue to hold these down, but there was too much slack for my liking on the front of the board, even after gluing the cross points down. I decided to try out my staple gun to see if that would work to make it tighter and I was happy with the results. My other option would have been to go out and buy some flat thumb tacks and use those instead. I was happy to not have to go out and buy more supplies :) . I used hot glue again to glue my buttons down at the cross points- I used embroidery floss to add a little bit of interest to them. Now all I need is to hang it up, but I'm not sure which wall I'm putting it on, so for the moment, it's at least done and waiting for a home. ...........And my husband wanted me to just get rid of the board........... :)

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