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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Girl's room fabric picture/memo board

These are just another version of the french fabric and ribbon board that I created with the brown damask fabric in my last post. For these, you can just get a piece of foam core board at the Dollar Store, or any other place that sells it. I did the "reduce/reuse/recycle" bit and used leftover pieces of foam core board from a MOPS project a few years ago that have been sitting in my stash (to my husband's displeasure...they've been there for a while.) He's so long suffering with my craft stuff- he calls it "Pandora's Craft Box"... Anyhow... I used 2 smaller pieces and glued them together with hot glue to make them a little bit bigger. I covered it with sheet batting again (using spray adhesive), and wrapped fabric around it, pulling it tight and smooth as I glued. I then attached my ribbon the same way as before (referring to a picture of some skinny ones we'd done in MOPS for refrigerator versions of these... surprisingly, all the leftover foam core board was not left over from that project....) because the foam core wasn't super thick, I was able to stick a big ol' embroidery needle through the middle of the ribbon's cross points and make a stitch to pull it in just a bit to make the ribbon feel more snug against the fabric. (Yes, "big ol' " is an official term of measurement somewhere in the world.. :) ) All that was left was to glue buttons on- I bought these specifically for this project when I bought the fabric a couple of months ago. This is a project that I've had on my list to finish- now that MOPS is done for a bit, I can focus more on the many crafts projects piling up that I've been itching to get to. These are for my girls' bedroom, and way overdue. I glued a loop of ribbon on the back so I could hang them easily, and just for the record, if these were being made for a gift, I'd have covered the back to and make it look a lot nicer, but I figure that since they're just in my girls' room, the front is cute and that's all that matters to me right now... (lazy I know...) These can be done pretty cheaply if you already have batting and either a stash of fabric already, or access to inexpensive fabric. I think I'm going to start perusing the remnant section of Jo-Ann's. :)

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