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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ribbon and Wood Hair Clip Holder

I've been trying to figure out a way to keep my girls' hair clips contained (and somewhat matched- so I can find matching clips when we have them), and after perusing some sites and talking to my friends, I decided upon the ribbon and wood idea. I cut a small piece of wood from a 1 x 4 x 8, painted it 2 colors (a base color and top coat) and distressed it a bit- cause that's how I roll.... I then cut strips of ribbon and glued the top of them to the back of the wood, glued on more ribbon to make a hanger, and cut out some vinyl letters with my Cricut. (The Cricut letters are totally unnecessary, and you could easily Mod Podge some cute paper on the wood instead of painting it or do whatever you want). I just wanted the function with a bit of "cuteness" added. Waiting for the paint to dry took the longest amount of time. My girls immediately liked it- ooh, I suppose I could have made polka dots and their initials... that would have been cute.... Anyhow, I can now find the matches to the clips and see exactly what I have instead of digging around in a basket with them loose. I'm pretty happy with this. Unfortunately my method for organizing the hair ties is not as cute- I have them all around a long paper towel roll- functional, but not cute... Oh well, if you have any ideas for that, please feel free to share... because that paper towel roll really leaves a lot to be desired visually....

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