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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Check out this cute idea for Valentines Day! (or party favors, your choice)

Check out this idea for cute and inexpensive home-made Valentines! My friend Natalie started this blog : The Diapering Gourmet. She has a lot of great "from scratch" ideas from laundry detergent to homemade play-dough. Check her out and maybe even start "following" her, I think you'll get a lot out of her blog. She makes everything she shows so approachable- and I tend to be hesitant to try making a lot of household items from scratch- but thanks to her, I made my own laundry soap! Totally doable! Anyhow, her play-dough Valentines are so cute, and I think you could easily use the idea for party favors, stocking stuffers, etc. etc.. Here's the link:

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