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Friday, February 11, 2011

Laundry Room hangers

I decided to make this board of hangers for the things like girls tights and other items that needed to be hung up to air dry- mostly children's items... I had been draping these things over the supports to the wire shelf above my washer and dryer, and thought there needed to be a better (and more attractive..) way to go about it. I bought a piece of scrap wood from Home Depot for 51 cents- yup, not even a dollar. I cut it into 2 pieces - one longer (which is this project) and one a bit shorter ( for the next project for lost socks that I'm working on). I used my handy dandy miter saw- my husband is getting his money's worth out of his Christmas gift to me :)- love that man of mine! Anyhow... I crackled it with brown underneath and Winter blue on the top, then distressed slightly around the edges. I bought 4 hangers at $2.57 a pair at Walmart in ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze). I had to buy slightly shorter screws though, because the wood was not as thick as the screws were long. I dabbed paint over the heads of the screws to conceal the silver finish that stuck out like a sore thumb. I used my Cricut to cut out letters to come up with the little saying on it. It amuses me, since it's for my "hang ups"- oh, if only it were that easy to take care of our hang ups! :). I'm going to hang it up on my laundry room wall across from the washer and dryer. So if you're on the lookout for cheap(er) wood in the home improvement store, look in their scrap bin where they're selling partial cuts of wood for cheap. You can always peruse construction sites and ask for their scraps, or ask the home improvement stores for any scraps they might be willing to just give away. I'm holding out for some scrap beadboard... for another project...

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